Geraldo Rivera Tells Bill O’reilly Recent Domestic Terror Plots Are Fake


December 5, 2010


We are very pleased and excited to announce the launch of a new fundraising drive for the next round of BuildingWhat? TV ads. Before going into the details of Round 2, here is a brief recap of what has happened to bring us to this point:

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of supporters across the globe, the BuildingWhat? TV ad campaign was able to raise $100,000 and reach a remarkable 1 million viewers in the New York Metropolitan Area during the month of November, most of them seeing footage of World Trade Center Building 7’s destruction for the first time ever.

The campaign also received the media attention it deserved in the form of an appearance on FOX News’ Geraldo At Large in front of a national audience of 1 millon more viewers. After that momentous breakthrough, Geraldo and FOX News’ Andrew Napolitano affirmed their skepticism of the official explanation for Building 7’s destruction, resulting in a flurry of responses from other media outlets including CNNMSNBC and the Huffington Post.

With the media’s coverage of Building 7 poised to go in one of two directions—subsiding into nothingness or exploding into a bona fide discussion about the government’s bogus explanation for Building 7’s destruction—it is now time for us to dig deep and take theBuildingWhat? campaign to the next level.


This time around, we are setting a fundraising goal of $200,000 that we hope to reach by January 1, 2011. The TV ad campaign for Round 2, set to launch in New York City in mid to late January, will be much larger than Round 1, and it will go hand-in-hand with an online viral campaign, a print ad campaign, and a PR effort coordinated by top professionals in the industry who are capable of landing BuildingWhat? more priceless media coverage.

We ask you to support BuildingWhat? Round 2 with whatever amount is manageable for you. If you donated to Round 1, we are counting on you to match your previous donation. If you were very pleased with the results from Round 1—and you are able—we invite you to double your previous donation. Do not forget that every dollar you donate is fully tax-deductible when you file your taxes after December 31.

Finally, please help Round 2 be an even greater success than Round 1 by forwarding this letter to all of your friends and family and posting it everywhere you can.

We are getting closer and closer to the floodgates being thrown open. If we persevere and stick together we can make it happen. Please donate now.

Thank you for your tremendous support.


The BuildingWhat? Team


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Senator Mitch McConnell called Assange a “high-tech terrorist” on NBC’s Meet the PressSunday and said, “if it‘s found that Assange hasn’t violated the law, then the law should be changed.”


Over the weekend, aninsightful article by Zen Gardner exposed how WikiLeaks resembles an establishment creation. The article correctly pointed out that the WikiLeaks storyline was conforming nicely to the elite’s problem-reaction-solution method, with the solution of more tyranny for our safety.


WikiLeaks is being used to bring in the agenda on so many levels, but most importantly by setting the precedent of shutting down websites for politically “dangerous” content. Gardner writes:


After all, if information is now the enemy, we must carefully police any and every aspect of this dangerous medium — all for the safety and protection of ‘we the people.’


Shot and Edited by Paul Wittenberger
Featuring Stewart Howe, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel and Chris Maple

Framing The World Productions

Before the sun rose, the informant donned a white Islamic robe. A tiny camera was sewn into a button, and a microphone was buried in a device attached to his keys.

“This is Farouk al-Aziz, code name Oracle,” he said into the keys as he sat in his parked car in this quiet community south of Los Angeles. “It’s November 13th, 4:30 a.m. And we’re hot.”

The undercover FBI informant – a convicted forger named Craig Monteilh – then drove off for 5 a.m. prayers at the Islamic Center of Irvine, where he says he spied on dozens of worshipers in a quest for potential terrorists.

Since the 2001 terrorist attacks, the FBI has used informants successfully as one of many tactics to prevent another strike in the United States. Agency officials say they are careful not to violate civil liberties and do not target Muslims.

But the FBI’s approach has come under fire from some Muslims, criticism that surfaced again late last month after agents arrested an Oregon man they said tried to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. FBI technicians had supplied the device.

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Retired Detective Kevin Czartoryski, who helped improve relations between the NYPD and the gay community, died Sunday following a battle with lung disease. He was 46.

Czartoryski, who retired in 2009 on a 9/11 medical disability, died at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell in Manhattan. No cause of death has been determined, but Czartoryski suffered from pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disorder usually suffered by people exposed to asbestos for long periods.

The NYPD medical board determined his condition was caused by his time at Ground Zero, searching for remains and staffing a makeshift morgue.

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