Air Force tests missile in launch from Calif coast

AP |

The Air Force successfully launched an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile Monday from the California coast to an area in the Pacific Ocean some 4,200 miles away.

The ICBM was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base near Santa Barbara at 3:01 a.m. and carried three unarmed re-entry vehicles to their targets near the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands, said Lt. Raymond Geoffroy.

The missile, configured with a National Nuclear Security Administration Test Assembly, was launched under the direction of the 576th Flight Test Squadron, whose members installed tracking and command destruct systems on it to collect data and meet safety requirements.

“It’s really something when you see a truly outstanding team come together,” Col. David Buck, 30th Space Wing commander, said in a written statement. “I couldn’t think of a better team to demonstrate the awesome capability of our ICBM fleet.”

On clear mornings the missiles in such tests can be seen as far away as Los Angeles 140 miles away, but a foggy coast Monday made the missile difficult to see even in the immediate area, Geoffroy said.

The Air Force says the launch was an operational test to check the weapon system’s reliability and accuracy, and the data will be used by United States Strategic Command planners and Department of Energy laboratories.

“These are dangerous times we’re living in right now,” Lt. Col. Lesa K. Toler, commander of the 576th, said in a statement. “It’s extremely important our combatant commander has the capabilities he needs to perform the mission of fighting and winning our nation’s wars.”

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The Indian Head Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, (a branch of the Naval Sea Systems Command or NAVSEA), described in 1999 as the “national center for energetics”[1], “the only reliable source of aluminum nanopowders in the United States”[2] and in 2008 as “probably the most prominent US center for nano-thermite technology”[3], alleges via Freedom of Information Act replies that records “regarding research and development of nano-sized or Ultra Fine Grained (UFG) aluminum powders, nano-sized or Ultra Fine Grained (UFG) iron oxide powders or other metal oxide powders and Metastable Intermolecular Composites prior to 2002″ do not exist. According to Indian Head, “research may have been conducted by Indian Head Division personnel but not submitted.”

Records prior to 2002 of Indian Head’s private sector partnerships regarding nano-sized energetic materials development and production, were reportedly destroyed per policy after seven years (or all such records prior to 2002).

Explosive, unreacted thermitic material containing nano-meter sized grains of intimately mixed aluminum and iron oxide, has recently been discovered in dust created by the collapses of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.[4]

Evidence prior to 2002 of Indian Head’s private sector partnerships regarding nano-sized energetic materials development and production exists.

December 2002:

“FY01 Technology Transfer Business Plan: IHDIV is considered the Navy’s Center of Excellence for Energetics development and has extensive expertise, capabilities, and information in energetics synthesis, formulation, and processing as well as in testing of energetic systems. IHDIV will transfer their knowledge of development and manufacturing energetics with respect to the use of TECHNANOGY produced nanoaluminum and supply TECHNANOGY with test data associated with the testing of TECHNANOGY nanoaluminum. TECHNANOGY is a leader in the production of nanoaluminum for use in energetic systems utilized for DoD purposes. To our knowledge, TECHNANOGY is the sole supplier of nanoaluminum for use in pilot scale processing. TECHNANOGY will share their material and knowledge of nanoaluminum processing subject to the terms and conditions of this CRADA. (cooperative research and development agreement).”



Comics writer Mark Sable was detained by security at Los Angeles International Airport because he was carrying a script for a new issue of his comic miniseries, UnthinkableUnthinkable follows members of a government think tank that was tasked with coming up with 9/11-type “unthinkable” terrorist scenarios that now are coming true.

Sable wrote about his experience saying, “…I was flagged at the gate for ‘extra screening.’ I was subjected to not one, but two invasive searches of my person and belongings. TSA agents then ‘discovered’ the script for Unthinkable #3. They sat and read the script while I stood there, without any personal items, identification or ticket, which had all been confiscated.

The minute I saw the faces of the agents, I knew I was in trouble.

The first page of the Unthinkable script mentioned 9/11, terror plots, and the fact that the (fictional) world had become a police state. The TSA agents then proceeded to interrogate me, having a hard time understanding that a comic book could be about anything other than superheroes, let alone that anyone actually wrote scripts for comics.


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The Israeli navy intercepted a ship carrying foreign peace activists trying to break a blockade of Gaza on Tuesday and forced it to sail to an Israeli port, the military said.

A statement said the Greek-registered freighter Arion ignored a radio message from the Israeli military saying it would not be allowed to enter Gaza waters and ordering it to turn back.

The statement said naval personnel boarded the small vessel without any shots being fired.

The military said those on board would be handed over to immigration authorities on arrival in the southern port of Ashdod, and humanitarian cargo would be trucked into the Gaza Strip after a security check. The ship arrived at Ashdod port after nightfall.

An earlier statement by the voyage’s organizers, the Free Gaza Movement, said the vessel, renamed the Spirit of Humanity, left the Cypriot port of Larnaca on Monday bound for Gaza with three tons of medical supplies.

The 20 passengers include former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire and other activists from Britain, Ireland, Bahrain and Jamaica.


More info at out Meetup

Linda’s Tavern, 7pm

How do you guys like the new title?

Every first Wednesday of the month, we get together at Linda’s for their prime-time happy hour where they have cheap pitchers of good beer and $1 mini-burgers (or sliders). This is a great opportunity to kick around ideas and get things off our chest. Its also a great way for new people to come out and find out what we’re about without any obligation of activism. Of course, we hope to inspire you to do some of that in the future.

We always have a great turnout and a ton of fun at this event, so don’t miss it. With the weather getting better and better, its about time we get back out on the street to reach the masses with our message of Change and Peace through Truth. So, bring a friend and an idea… oh, and your drinking pants.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) will not give the public a week to review the final text of a health-care reform bill before it is voted on later this year.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) has also declined to commit to giving the public a week to read and consider the final health-care bill.

At her press briefing on Thursday, Pelosi was asked whether the health-care bill would be handled differently than the stimulus bill, which came up in February. The 1,071-page final text of that bill was posted on the House Appropriations Committee’s Web site late on a Thursday night and then voted on the next day.

“When the stimulus bill came out earlier this year, members and citizens had less than two days to review the final version that came out of the conference committee before it was voted on,” asked Pelosi on Thursday. “Will you commit to giving Americans at least a week to review the full conference version of the health care bill before it is voted on? And also will you commit to submitting the final version to the CBO [Congressional Budget Office] so that they can report the cost to the public?”

Pelosi would not commit to giving the public a week to review the bill, and did not respond to the question of having the CBO report on the cost of the final bill.

Chen Aizhu | 

Iran overtook Saudi Arabia in May as China’s top crude supplier, Chinese customs data showed on Monday, but traders said it was partly due to a supply cut from the Saudis.

Beijing-based trading officials cautioned against reading too much into one month’s figures, which they said may have been skewed due to technical problems such as port congestion that pushed back or forth imported cargoes for customs clearance.

Iran, the world’s fifth-largest crude exporter, shipped into China 3.088 million tonnes of crude, or 727,000 barrels per day last month, a rise of 88 percent from a year ago.

Exports from the world’s top exporter, Saudi Arabia, however, slipped 15.5 percent on year to 2.76 million tonnes, or 650,000 bpd, official data from the General Administration of Customs showed.

“Saudis can’t supply the amount of heavy grades Chinese refineries asked for, as most of the OPEC-agreed cuts are on these heavy grades,” said one trader close to state-run Saudi Aramco.

“Chinese may have sorted it out by taking more such grades from Iran.”

But the trader said cuts on heavier grades to China — Arab Medium and Arab Heavy

– started at the beginning of the year, suggesting the sudden fall in May could be just a blip.

An official with the National Iranian Oil Co said he was not aware of any additional sales that Iran had made above its contractual volumes.

Chinese refiner Sinopec Corp and PetroChina, with many of their plants upgraded in recent years to process more heavy, sour and thus cheaper crude, have become increasingly picky in crude slates, motivated by a new fuel pricing mechanism since January 2009 that more or less guarantees a fixed margin.

Iran’s oil output and exports were not affected by protests after the June 12 presidential election, Iran’s OPEC governor said last week.

 Ken Dilanian |

Global Research Editor’s Note

This report published in USA Today confirms unequivocally that Washington has directly financed dissident groups in Iran. 

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is moving forward with plans to fund groups that support Iranian dissidents, records and interviews show, continuing a program that became controversial when it was expanded by President Bush.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which reports to the secretary of state, has for the last year been soliciting applications for $20 million in grants to “promote democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Iran,” according to documents on the agency’s website. The final deadline for grant applications is June 30.


MORE: USAID report on support to Iranian dissidents

U.S. efforts to support Iranian opposition groups have been criticized in recent years as veiled attempts to promote “regime change,” said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, the largest Iranian-American advocacy group. The grants enable Iran’s rulers to paint opponents as tools of the United States, he said.

Although the Obama administration has not sought to continue the Iran-specific grants in its 2010 budget, it wants a $15 million boost for the Near Eastern Regional Democracy Initiative, which has similar aims but does not specify the nations involved. Some of that money will be targeted at Iran, said David Carle, a spokesman for the appropriations subcommittee that oversees foreign affairs.


Chris Hedges |

The ability of the corporate state to pacify the country by extending credit and providing cheap manufactured goods to the masses is gone. The pernicious idea that democracy lies in the choice between competing brands and the freedom to accumulate vast sums of personal wealth at the expense of others has collapsed. The conflation of freedom with the free market has been exposed as a sham. The travails of the poor are rapidly becoming the travails of the middle class, especially as unemployment insurance runs out and people get a taste of Bill Clinton’s draconian welfare reform. And class warfare, once buried under the happy illusion that we were all going to enter an age of prosperity with unfettered capitalism, is returning with a vengeance.

Our economic crisis—despite the corporate media circus around the death of Michael Jackson or Gov. Mark Sanford’s marital infidelity or the outfits of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest incarnation, Brüno—barrels forward. And this crisis will lead to a period of profound political turmoil and change. Those who care about the plight of the working class and the poor must begin to mobilize quickly or we will lose our last opportunity to save our embattled democracy. The most important struggle will be to wrest the organs of communication from corporations that use mass media to demonize movements of social change and empower proto-fascist movements such as the Christian right.

American culture—or cultures, for we once had distinct regional cultures—was systematically destroyed in the 20th century by corporations. These corporations used mass communication, as well as an understanding of the human subconscious, to turn consumption into an inner compulsion. Old values of thrift, regional identity that had its own iconography, aesthetic expression and history, diverse immigrant traditions, self-sufficiency, a press that was decentralized to provide citizens with a voice in their communities were all destroyed to create mass, corporate culture.


When Obama first unveiled his “preventive detention” policy, many defenders praised him (and claimed he was different than Bush) because of his vow that — as he put it – “my Administration will work with Congress to develop an appropriate legal regime.”  But now, relying exclusively on three Obama officials speaking behind a veil of anonymity, Peter Finn and Dafner Linza of The Washington Post and ProPublicareport that the White House is “crafting language for an executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely.”  TPM calls this ”the latest installment in the Obama administration’s tendency to mimic the Bushies on war on terror tactics.”  And the article itself points out the obvious:  ”Such an order would embrace claims by former president George W. Bush that certain people can be detained without trial for long periods under the laws of war.”  Revealingly, the article quotes two Bush national security officials justifying the need for detention without charges.

Anonymous trial balloon articles like this one are difficult to comment on because it’s obviously designed to announce that a certain policy is being considered before it’s actually written, and so none of the key details is known.  Would Obama’s new detention powers apply only to current “War on Terror” prisoners at places like Guantanamo and Bagram, or would they also apply to future, not-yet-abducted detainees as well?  Would these powers apply to detainees picked up anywhere in the world, far away from “war zones”?  Would there be any judicial review or other meaningful oversight provisions so that — even in theory — this was something other than the unilateral, unchecked presidential power to detain indefinitely without charges?  None of these important details is known (though the article notes that, under one White House proposal, “ongoing detention would be subject to annual presidential review“; the Emperor, sitting alone, will decree once a year whether they must remain in a cage).

This specific article is even worse than the usual one of its type, since it’s particularly uncritical in passing along administration claims without any skepticism (I addressed each of the “justifications” for Obama’s preventive detention proposal – Obama has to do this because of what Bush did; we can’t get convictions because of Bush’s torture; it’s common in War to do things like this, etc. etc. – here).  Worse, the article does not provide any information about the Obama officials whose mission the reporters are dutifully carrying out, so there’s no way to assess their motives.

Those journalistic practices produce egregious sentences like this:  ”‘Civil liberties groups have encouraged the administration, that if a prolonged detention system were to be sought, to do it through executive order’, the official said.”  I’d love to know which so-called “civil liberties groups” are pushing the White House for an Executive Order establishing the power of indefinite detention.  It’s certainly not the ACLU or Center for Constitutional Rights, both of which issued statements vehemently condemning the proposal (ACLU’s Anthony Romero:  ”If President Obama issues an executive order authorizing indefinite detention, he’ll be repeating the same mistakes of George Bush”).


National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09) is scheduled for July 27 through July 31, 2009. NLE 09 will be the first major exercise conducted by the United States government that will focus exclusively on terrorism prevention and protection, as opposed to incident response and recovery.

NLE 09 is designated as a Tier I National Level Exercise. Tier I exercises (formerly known as the Top Officials exercise series or TOPOFF) are conducted annually in accordance with the National Exercise Program (NEP), which serves as the nation’s overarching exercise program for planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating national level exercises. The NEP was established to provide the U.S. government, at all levels, exercise opportunities to prepare for catastrophic crises ranging from terrorism to natural disasters.

NLE 09 is a White House directed, Congressionally- mandated exercise that includes the participation of all appropriate federal department and agency senior officials, their deputies, staff and key operational elements.  In addition, broad regional participation of state, tribal, local, and private sector is anticipated.  This year the United States welcomes the participation of Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom in NLE 09.


NLE 09 will focus on intelligence and information sharing among intelligence and law enforcement communities, and between international, federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector participants.

The NLE 09 scenario will begin in the aftermath of a notional terrorist event outside of the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks. This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure.

NLE 09 will allow terrorism prevention efforts to proceed to a logical end (successful or not), with no requirement for response or recovery activities.

NLE 09 will be an operations-based exercise to include: activities taking place at command posts, emergency operation centers, intelligence centers and potential field locations to include federal headquarters facilities in the Washington D.C. area, and in federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector facilities in FEMA Region VI, which includes the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.


Bozeman, Montana Tells Applicants To Provide Facebook, Google “Usernames And Passwords,” Which Some Find A Bit Too Invasive

Declan McCullagh |

If you’re planning to apply for a job with the city of Bozeman, Montana, be prepared to hand over much more than your references and résumé.

The Rocky Mountain city instructs all job applicants to divulge their usernames and passwords for “any Internet-based chat rooms, social clubs or forums, to include, but not limited to: Facebook, Google, Yahoo,, MySpace, etc.”

“Before we offer people employment in a public trust position we have a responsibility to do a thorough background check,” Chuck Winn, Bozeman’s assistant city manager, told in an interview on Thursday. “This is just a component of a thorough background check.”

“Shame on us if there was information out there available about a person who applied for a job who was a child molester or had some sort of information out there on the Internet that kind of showed those propensities and we didn’t look for it, we didn’t ask, and we hired that person,” Winn said. “In many ways we would have let the public down.”

After CBS affiliate KBZK highlighted the requirement on Wednesday, a firestorm of sorts has erupted online: irate e-mail messages have jammed mailboxes in City Hall, snarky comments have poked fun at a place once awarded the sobriquet of “All-America City,” and a poll indicates 98 percent of respondents believe the city’s policy amounts to an “invasion of privacy.”

In addition to the usual requests for a home address and Social Security number, Bozeman’s one-page background check form asks for the account information for “current personal or business Web sites, Web pages or memberships.” It assures applicants that any information received “is confidential.”


Defying a possible presidential veto, the USHouse of Representatives on Thursday approved a 2010 defense spending bill that would continue to fund a weapons program targeted by the Obama administration.

Lawmakers voted 389 to 22 to pass the 550.4-billion-dollar measure, despite veto warnings from the White House unless a provision to build more F-22 stealth jet fighters is dropped.

The White House also balked at 603 million dollars added to the House bill to continue developing a backup engine for the F-35 strike fighterbeing built by General Electric, Co. and Rolls Royce Group.

The bill, which also includes 130 billion dollars to fund the wars in Iraqand Afghanistan for the fiscal year beginning on October 1, still requires the Senate to pass the bill and for the chambers to agree on a compromise version before it can go to President Barack Obama to be signed into law.

The House Armed Services Committee passed an amendment last week to provide 369 million dollars over two years to purchase parts to construct 12 more of the F-22 fighters, which are built by Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

Meanwhile, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved on Thursday its version of the Pentagon budget resolution, which included 1.7 billion dollars to fund seven more of the premier US fighter jets. The Senate bill also included a 3.4 percent salary increase for military personnel.


David Edwards & Stephen Webster |

Editor’s note: It is interesting we have heard virtually nothing about the KKK — documented to have been heavily infiltrated by the FBI since the 1960s — in the recent past, but all of a sudden they have become active again, peddling their anachronistic racist nonsense now that “white supremacists” have become a threat according to the government.

A collection of black homeowners in a Tennessee town are upset and fearful after the Ku Klux Klan targeted their neighborhood with hate-filled fliers, dropped on their lawns in the dead of night.

The fliers, which call for whites to secure the future for “white, Christian children,” denounce interracial marriage and homosexuality, along with calling for an end to “white discrimination.”

Complaints to the police in Greeneville, Tennessee did not help. In an interview with local news channel WJHL, Greenville police officer Terry Webb said that the fliers, perceived by residents to be threatening in nature, “possibly” rise to the criminal level of littering. However, he claimed, it’s their First Amendment right to advertise racially-motivated hated on a person’s doorstep.
“The Devil is busy and (the KKK) talk about being Christians, how can you say you’re a Christian displaying all this hatred,” homeowner Leroy Ripley told the station.

“Littering, are you kidding me?” jeered CNN’s Kyra Philips during a Thursday segment. “Here we are in 2009. We have a black president, gay leaders, successful interracial marriages. We have come a long way, folks. Still, in this country, you can spew hate, make innocent black residents fearful to come out their doors and all these punks get busted for is littering.”

Jeff Stein | 

He may yet turn out to be the avatar of Iranian democracy, but three decades ago Mir-Hossein Mousavi was waging a terrorist war on the United States that included bloody attacks on the U.S. embassy and Marine Corps barracks in Beirut.
Mousavi, prime minister for most of the 1980s, personally selected his point man for the Beirut terror campaign, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi-pur, and dispatched him to Damascus as Iran’s ambassador, according to former CIA and military officials.

The ambassador in turn hosted several meetings of the cell that would carry out the Beirut attacks, which were overheard by the National Security Agency.

“We had a tap on the Iranian ambassador to Syria,” retired Navy Admiral James “Ace” Lyons related by telephone Monday. In 1983 Lyons was deputy chief of Naval Operations, and deeply involved in the events in Lebanon.

“The Iranian ambassador received instructions from the foreign minister to have various groups target U.S. personnel in Lebanon, but in particular to carry out a ‘spectacular action’ against the Marines,” said Lyons.

“He was prime minister,” Lyons said of Mousavi, “so he didn’t get down to the details at the lowest levels. “But he was in a principal position and had to be aware of what was going on.”

Lyons, sometimes called “the father” of the Navy SEALs’ Red Cell counter-terror unit, also fingered Mousavi for the 1988 truck bombing of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Center in Naples, Italy, that killed five persons, including the first Navy woman to die in a terrorist attack.   

Bob Baer agrees that Mousawi, who has been celebrated in the West for sparking street demonstrations against the Teheran regime since he lost the elections, was directing the overall 1980s terror campaign.

But Baer, a former CIA Middle East field officer whose exploits were dramatized in the George Clooney movie “Syriana,”  places Mousavi even closer to the Beirut bombings.


A former commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard — who ordered jets over the Capitol amid the September 11, 2001, terror attacks — was among those killed in a transit train crash in Washington this week, authorities said Tuesday.

Retired Maj. Gen. David F. Wherley Jr. and his wife, Ann, both 62, were killed along with seven others Monday in the most deadly train crash in the history of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

“He was as fine a public servant, as dedicated to the United States of America … as anyone I have ever met,” Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty told reporters Tuesday.

On the morning of the September 11 attacks, Wherley, commander of the 113th Fighter Wing at Andrews Air Force Base, deployed pilots with orders from then-Vice President Dick Cheney to protect the White House and take out any aircraft that threatened the Capitol, according to the 9/11 Commission Report.


Paul Joseph Watson | 

Climate cops in Scotland have been handed new powers to fine “wasteful” homeowners and businesses who use too much energy or too many plastic bags under new legislation that represents the first wave of invasive tyranny under the pretext of fighting the manufactured threat of global warming.

Energy police will have free reign to impose penalties on householders and companies who do not comply with “energy efficiency” demands following home inspections. This is the template for similar measures set to be imposed in the U.S. should Democrats manage to force through their own climate legislation this week.

“Measures voted through by Parliament included the power to fine householders and companies if they do not take action to improve the energy efficiency of their houses and buildings,” reports the Scotsman. “Charges could be brought in for plastic bags, and businesses may be forced to reduce packaging under the powers granted to ministers in the Climate Change Bill.”

We have been warning for years that the real agenda behind the climate change con has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with the government controlling and regulating every aspect of our private lives.

How long before you get a knock on your door from the “green brigades” demanding that you comply with the latest government energy regulations?

Obama’s pledge to “create millions of new green jobs,” in other words millions more government enforcers harassing and fining citizens, is part of the government’s effort to push through a sprawling climate change bill this week which ultimately aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by a whopping 70-80%.


I’m done being nice about this.

First, watch the following clip from CNBC. It is quite clear, and explicit.

This set off a veritable firestorm on CNBC, with various commentators coming in to defend Bernanke.

None, however, was more odious than Jim Cramer, who said we need “a little less democracy.



Oh, I get it.  You think that The Federal Reserve should be able to break the law any time it wants?  That it should be able to, for example, buy Freddie and Fannie paper even though the clear black-letter law says it cannot?  The Fed should be able to set up “Maiden Lane” LLCs like candy for the explicit purpose of hiding deteriorating assets which it also cannot legally purchase?



Mehr News Agency | 

Iran has broken up a CIA-backed network that sought to carry out a “soft revolution” in Iran through people-to-people contacts. The “soft revolution” plan is based in Dubai and is similar to a U.S. plan that targeted the Soviet Union in 1959, the director of the counterespionage department of the Intelligence Ministry told reporters at a press conference here on Monday.

He said the CIA was seeking to implement the plan under the cover of scientific and cultural contacts between Iranian and U.S. nationals.

Unfortunately, some Iranian nationals, especially cultural and scientific figures, were deceived through such activities, he added.

“The U.S. intelligence agency was seeking to (repeat) its experiences of color revolutions through such public contacts with influential persons and elites.”

The CIA tried to attain its goals by taking advantage of people-to-people contacts, joint studies, efforts to share scientific experiences, and other similar projects, he added.

The soft revolution plan was carried out through “NGOs, union protests, non-violent demonstrations, civil disobedience… and (efforts to) foment ethnic strife” all across Iran, the official stated.

Four of the people who led the network inside Iran were actively and intentionally cooperating with CIA agents, he noted.

These four persons were put on trial, some others were pardoned, and some others were acquitted due to lack of sufficient evidence, he explained.

These four persons confessed and videotapes of parts of their confessions will be released soon, he noted.

He only named two of the persons, the brothers Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamyar Alaei.